Sunday, August 16, 2015


I've discovered that the first draft of a novel is very much like building a new house. I had an outline, to guide me through. I'm not too sure there was a blueprint for the construction of my house, however. A remodel was definitely in order. My husband has been busy knocking down walls, putting them back up, mudding, taping, and painting.

Disorder reigns. There are screws next to the toothbrushes. We have yet to get railings for the stairs. The stairs, themselves, are unfinished. The insulation in the third floor is exposed. Our bedroom is currently in the living room, instead of the daylight basement, where we want it.

My second draft feels quite the same. There are pieces of chapter fifteen, in chapter two. After chapter three, comes chapter eight.

Someday, we'll get all the trim up around the windows and doors. The furnishings will come out of storage. I will have a bedroom with a door. I can't wait!

Someday, my manuscript will become a cohesive whole. Everything is already there, I just have to move some walls. I mean, shuffle some scenes.

I have a dream, a vision, of both a finished house, and a finished novel. I wonder which will come first?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Writing with Children

Writing with children is hard. If you have them you know. If they are the tiny toddler verify, you really know. While killing (wasting?) time going through emails, my tiny tot spit a large mouthful of milk everywhere. All over the monitor. All over the keyboard. All over my cell phone. Somehow, she managed to miss herself. Kids can be talented like that, sometimes.

Instances like this are why I avoid writing, while children are awake. When I write, I get into "the zone." While in that place, I can't hear, see, or smell the trouble these tiny people create. So writing after dark, it is!

Children are why God created caffeine. Thank you, God! It's gives us parents the ability to stay up late, then get up the next morning.

I used to think that writing with children was impossible. I thought my dreams were over. Then I learned, if you really want something, really love something, you'll find the time. I found the time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I’ve been writing for years. Me, and countless others.
What sets me aside from the masses? Nothing, until now! I’ve decided to take the leap from writing as a hobby, into writing as a career. While this doesn’t exactly make me unique, it will get me out of the stagnant waters I’ve been treading with my writing.
I completed a first draft, some time ago, and am now ready to tear it to pieces, then sew it back together, bit by bit.
Although I am many steps away, I’ve started researching self-publishing costs. Dear lord almighty, there is so much information out there. So much conflicting information. There are some that say, “Yes! Self-publishing is within your reach! You’re gonna make bank!”
Then there are others that say, “Better start workin’ those street corners, because self-publishing comes with a hefty bill.”
Seriously. I get that you get what you pay for, but $18,000.00? $40,000.00? Do I need to take out a second mortgage for one book? Yes, a good editor, and a beautiful cover are essential. But if my writing is terrible enough to need $18,000 worth of editing, please tell me (nicely) to stick to reading.
Would it be tacky to ask the writers I’m acquainted with, how much editing and covers cost them, and who they used?
I’m no where near ready to use these services, but I’d like to be prepared.

Conclusion of my research: I need to research individual professionals, not other’s opinions.