Future Projects

I may have mentioned it a time or two, I've got some writing projects in the works! Here's a little sneak peak inside my notebook!

Beasts Among Us series

Beauty is the Beast

 There's a killer on the loose, and he's targeting hairdressers.
Gretchen is on the prowl, after the murder of one of her coworkers. A circus with an illegal side show grabs her notice, as does her former pack, and a group of visiting vampires.
Her former pack is back to claim her, and she doesn't want in. They'll do anything to get her back, including bring in their Alpha Changer.
One of the side-show freaks wants in on Gretchen's life.
Her only outlet is her music, but that will only go so far. She can only keep her wolf on a leash for so long.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Status: Rough draft finished, in the midst of first edits

Pack of Freaks

 Only a short time has passed, since Gretchen was betrayed. Now she's faced with a marriage she wasn't prepared for, a psychotic protege, and a pack of circus freaks brought to her front door.
To say that Gretchen is stressed, may be an understatement, but that's all bunnies and rainbows compared to the real problem: The Fae are forced out of hiding, and no one wants a crazed werewolf styling their hair.
Come on, who said hairdressers were normal?
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Status: Rough Draft

The Words War

The Fae are exposed, listed to a registry for all to see.
The old gods are coming out of hiding, and they're pissed. The world is not the way they left it.
Humans fear the Fae. They want them to return Underhill. 
There are a few human and Fae, that want to coexist.
War is no longer brewing, it's here.
Gretchen and her fledgling pack, are called to the front lines. Friend becomes foe, and death is around the corner.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Status: Nearly Completed Rough Draft


Not yet written, and the title is just a place holder!

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