Saturday, May 21, 2016

EBooks: The Ode of a Grateful Mother

When I first discovered ebooks, I hated the idea. Why would anyone want to trade beautiful paper and ink, for cold hard technology? I’ve always loved the weight of a book in my hand, the feel of the pages under my fingers, the smell of paper, old and new. There’s a certain romance in a hard cover, or paperback, that has nothing to do with any physical relationship. There’s a comfort in opening the worn cover of a book you’ve spent so many hours with before.

Just look at these beautiful paperbacks!

I hated the idea of the digitalization of words.

One day, four or five years ago, I got a Nook for Christmas. I used it a little. It did fit nicely in my purse, and I didn’t have to worry about wrecking the lack of pages. I decided it was all right, but it still wasn’t my favorite.

And then I gave birth to my first child. Yes indeed, children change your life. They certainly take a lot of time, and you’re always concerned for their safety. Physical books were now a danger. They are heavy, and easy to drop on the head of a nursing infant. In fact, my Nook was even too unwieldy for me, and I’d lacked the foreknowledge to invest in something back-lit for middle of the night feeding sessions.

A friend suggested getting the Kindle and Nook apps on my phone. My phone is much lighter. My phone could be read in the dark. Suddenly, not only did I accept the idea of digital books. I loved them. I devoured books by the dozens, discovering new authors, and the introducing myself to the wonderful world of independent publishing.

You can fit an entire library in you pocket! I almost always have my phone on me, so I can always read, when (and if) I have a spare moment. Waiting for an oil change. At the doctors. While cooking supper!
Now, my kids are toddlers, and don’t need to be held quite as much. I’m gravitating back to my tangible library. I still prefer “real” books, but I always have something to read in digital form as well.

Look at this picture again:

I likely never would have heard of Rose Montague, Claudette Melanson, or any other self-published & independently published authors, if it weren’t for the digitalization of the written word.

Now, audio books, those I just don’t get.😉

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why I'm Networking, Before Publishing

There are many of us “aspiring writers.” Some dream of one day starting that dream project. Some don’t tell a soul what they’re up to. Some are convinced that they know what they’re doing.
I’m a ways away from publishing. Editing takes time and concentration. Those two things don’t always exist in the same space. I’m making an attempt to do it all, be a mother and a writer. Some days are better than others.

Currently, I’m piecing together chapter ten, out of twenty eight. When I’m not writing, or editing, or actively wrangling children, I read & review. A majority of what I’ve been reading has been independently published, or published through small press.

I’ve made some pretty awesome connections, over the last couple of years! I’m learning by watching what these more experienced writers do. I love that they take the time to interact with their readers. I hope to be as inspiring as they are, some day.

So why am I presenting myself to the world as a writer, before there’s any physical proof? Well for one, if I talk about it, it’s harder to not go through with it. If I surround myself with people who have already done it, if I read and review their work, than maybe, just maybe, they’ll do the same for me.
There is, I suppose, the possibility, that my work will never see the light of day. But if that happens, I’m not going to stop reading and reviewing independent writers.

If you don’t buy their books, it’s that much harder for them to publish. The more you read, the more they write. Reviews help draw in other readers, making those authors more money, which translates into even more books. If I use the network that I’m building now (admittedly, for my own gain), to spread the word about the crazy good books I’m reading, it means more books for everyone!