Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I’ve been writing for years. Me, and countless others.
What sets me aside from the masses? Nothing, until now! I’ve decided to take the leap from writing as a hobby, into writing as a career. While this doesn’t exactly make me unique, it will get me out of the stagnant waters I’ve been treading with my writing.
I completed a first draft, some time ago, and am now ready to tear it to pieces, then sew it back together, bit by bit.
Although I am many steps away, I’ve started researching self-publishing costs. Dear lord almighty, there is so much information out there. So much conflicting information. There are some that say, “Yes! Self-publishing is within your reach! You’re gonna make bank!”
Then there are others that say, “Better start workin’ those street corners, because self-publishing comes with a hefty bill.”
Seriously. I get that you get what you pay for, but $18,000.00? $40,000.00? Do I need to take out a second mortgage for one book? Yes, a good editor, and a beautiful cover are essential. But if my writing is terrible enough to need $18,000 worth of editing, please tell me (nicely) to stick to reading.
Would it be tacky to ask the writers I’m acquainted with, how much editing and covers cost them, and who they used?
I’m no where near ready to use these services, but I’d like to be prepared.

Conclusion of my research: I need to research individual professionals, not other’s opinions.

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