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Clay and Blood Blog Tour: An interview with Author Rebekah Jonesy

Introduction by Jennifer Zamboni-

Hello friends, new and old! I signed up to help my fellow author, Rebekah Jonesy, launch her new book with a blog tour! 

If you're unfamiliar with me, I'm an urban fantasy author with a soon-to-be published book of my own. I write mostly about werewolves, vampires, and the fae, and I love sarcasm. Feel free to look around my blog and my other pages AFTER you read the interview. (& perhaps after you preorder Clay and Blood and buy the 1st book, Moss and Clay!) 

Now, without further ado, I give you: Interview with the Author!

Q: Who is your favorite supporting character in your upcoming release & why?

A: Pitch, without a doubt. He plays a big role in this book, mostly as a friend and teacher. My main character is a new formed, like a newborn but she wasn't birthed, she was created instead. As young as she is, about three months old, she still has a lot to learn. Pitch is old, older than he will admit. (That's another story) In Clay and Blood he finds himself in a role he is quite good at, taking care of and teaching the young. Which is a lot different than his normal prankish, slap-stick ways. He's still a goofball, but he's a dependable, generous, and understanding goofball.

Q: What’s your writing ritual? (What gets you in ‘the zone’?)

A: Try to fall asleep, be woken up by the voices in my head.
Ok that's just the start of it. I actually have a terrible ritual. I wait until the story has finished percolating in my head, then I wait till the house is quiet. I sit down at my desk, hunch over the keyboard, light a cigarette, and start typing away. Within a few minutes, usually without noticing, I will cross my legs and sit in a bizarre lotus position. I stay like that until my inspiration is used up. (This usually happens about the 18th time I realize I am trying to drink from an empty cup) Then I untangle myself and walk on feet that are half asleep to get more coffee. It's terrible on my back, legs, feet, arms, and eyes, but I can't seem to make myself stop.

Q: Tell me about your journey to your best cup of coffee? Coffee roasting, tell me all about it!
A: I get my beans single source, that means from one farm. I tend to buy different types from around the world as they come in season which lowers the cost. I get the green beans in a burlap sack and store them in a plastic container with no lid. Green coffee beans need to breathe, but my cat is obsessed with burlap sacks so I have to get them out of that ASAP. Depending on the type of bean I will roast it, in my small counter top roaster, for 5.1-6.1 minutes. The longer you roast the darker the flavor, but you also burn off the caffeine and some just taste better with different roast times. After that it goes into the hopper, loosely covered. Roasted coffee beans off gas for at least 24 hours, so you can't put it in an air tight container yet. Every time I make a pot (45 cup urn, whichever) I grind the beans right before adding them in.
I am currently drinking a wonderful Brazilian coffee. It is slightly sweet on its own, low acid, and has a wonderful floral scent when you first pour it. I've found that this is amplified when I make it in my percolator but diminishes when I use a french press.

Q: If you could live in your fantasy world would you and would you be some sort of magical being? 

A: I probably would. It is very much like ours. But I wouldn't want to be a fae of any kind. They cannot tell a lie. So I wouldn't be able to be a writer, since I write fiction.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

A: Having other authors send me their work to read over. I am a rabid reader and devour books faster than I can afford. So free books is a definite plus. I also get to read my own books, which is fun. I usually don't know precisely what is going to happen in a story until I have written it.

Q:  Tell me a secret!

A: I once accidentally staked myself through the chest, narrowly missing my heart. I tripped and fell on a random piece of rebar that was buried with four inches sticking out above ground. We didn't know it was there till I landed on it. I also hit my throat and bit off a piece of my tongue in the fall, so I couldn't speak. I had to pry myself up off of the rebar all on my own.

Q: What’s in your main character’s pocket/bag?

A: Oh lots of stuff. A shell, a piece of driftwood, a few changes of clothes, several books, a mirrored journal (the twin of which is on it's way to the Shadow Court for Mab to use), a pair of shoes, passport, ID, credit cards, money, legal papers, a siren corpse cut in half, a plastic container with screw on plastic lid, silver knives, an empty glass jar that once contained sage, and a bar of soap.

Q: What would you do if you were given 3 million untaxable dollars?

A: Pay off my house, buy a new car, hire an assistant and publicist, and get one of those super cool 360 desks. After that I would pay for a week long retreat with the board member of OWS.

Q: What are your ultimate goals as an author? 

A: Earn a million dollars so I can pay off my house, buy a new car, hire an assistant and publicist, get one of those super cool 360 desks, and take solo writing retreats twice a year.

Bonus question: Any tidbits you want us to know about Clay and Blood? (Blurbs, preorder links, cover, about you, etc)

Book Blurb:
Book 2 of Mab’s Doll

Gillian Gilchrist has no time to rest after completing her first missions for Queen Mab and the goddess Danu. There is still the cleanup to do, and that’s how she finds herself following the trail of devastation left by a rogue fae.

Somehow this one moves through the trees without leaving any trace of its passing, except for the tattered and bloody clothing of its victims.

In the dark woods Gillian can’t tell if the culprit she is tracking is insane, sick, or simply acting out its true nature, but she knows that the only way to find out is to track it, capture it, and question it.
Unfortunately, that means following the scent of the victim’s blood soaked into the soil.

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About The Author:
Rebekah Jonesy knows stuff about things and isn't afraid to talk and write about it. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of all trades, and military spouse. Inside the literary world she is a devourer of books, publisher, and mentor.
“Rebekah has the best kind of rabies”- JD Estrada
You can follow author Rebekah Jonesy at TwitterFacebook, join her reader’s group, or her blog Heart Strong.

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