Thursday, August 6, 2015

Writing with Children

Writing with children is hard. If you have them you know. If they are the tiny toddler verify, you really know. While killing (wasting?) time going through emails, my tiny tot spit a large mouthful of milk everywhere. All over the monitor. All over the keyboard. All over my cell phone. Somehow, she managed to miss herself. Kids can be talented like that, sometimes.

Instances like this are why I avoid writing, while children are awake. When I write, I get into "the zone." While in that place, I can't hear, see, or smell the trouble these tiny people create. So writing after dark, it is!

Children are why God created caffeine. Thank you, God! It's gives us parents the ability to stay up late, then get up the next morning.

I used to think that writing with children was impossible. I thought my dreams were over. Then I learned, if you really want something, really love something, you'll find the time. I found the time.

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