My name is Jennifer Zamboni, and this is my little snippet of the world. There isn't much to look at yet, but there will be! 

A little about me:

I'm an Urban Fantasy writer based out of Maine. I have made it my mission to help indi authors get the exposure they deserve (Including me!). I have a projected four book series in the works, of which I'm hoping to publish the first of this year!

I'm a stay-at-home-mom in charge of two rambunctious tots, and married to the most amazing man on earth. There are two dogs, three cats, and a cockatiel living with us. Our home is under construction, kind of like my writing, and this website! 

I was a hair stylist for eight years, and still hold my license, though I don't do much hair anymore.

Writing and reading are my passions, and I hope to keep up an informative blog, both about my writing, and about the authors I've come in contact with. Feel free to poke around, and see what I'm up to!

The big question that plagues me is: What if?

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