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Tattoos: An interview with Stacy Overby

One hushed cry in the middle of the night, and Eli Thorson's life unravels. A highly trained Black Ops specialist, he is used to danger, but Eli's path forces him to confront the illusions he’s been taught his whole life -- ones that make him question all the good he thought he was doing.

Unable to work for a command that defiles the oaths he swore, he works to untangle the web of lies and deceit he finds woven throughout his worlds. The tattooed marks of his profession run more than skin deep. As a Specialist it is his duty to protect the people, the laws, and all the United Earth Government stands for, even if it means taking down the entire Black Ops division to do it.

I had the privilege of interviewing author Stacy Overby to celebrate the release of her new novel, Tattoos! Guys, this one looks awesome! So sit down and relax with a hot beverage and eavesdrop on our conversation!

Q: Do you have a writing ritual to get you into the zone, or do you dive right in?  

A: I would say I don't have a ritual as much as I just need some time and some peace. With a hubby and a six-year-old son around the house, both of those tend to be in short supply. Music helps get me in the zone at times, though. I do have playlists for most of my major projects that help keep my mindset for that project. But mostly, it's just peace, quiet, and time.

Q: If you could live in your book world, would you? What role would you play?

A: Hmm. That's a tough question. My initial impulse is to say absolutely I would. However, I would also probably play the part of an empath in the Black Ops world. Seeing as they're pretty persecuted and oppressed for their abilities, it makes me hesitate a little to jump in with both feet. Let's compromise and say this, if I could be an empathic therapist of sorts to my main characters from the Black Ops world, I'd do it.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about being a writer? 

A: I love the chance to tell stories. There are so many cool stories out there and even more waiting to be born. I love that I can be a part of creating those new stories. And the sky really is the limit with them. Anything is possible in these stories as long as we write them right and we write them well. That people will read my stories is even better yet. The ultimate thing for me as a writer would be if someone read something I wrote and it inspired them to do something more and be something more than they were.

Q: Who is your favorite supporting character in your upcoming release & why? 

A: Ooo. Supporting character. I like that question. I have two answers I'm going to give because my first answer feels somewhat like a cheat. You see, in Tattoos, Major Devin Wade is a supporting character and I am totally in love with him. He is in command of the Black Ops specialists. Devin is, to me, a wonderful combination of strength, calm, leadership, yet with a brokenness that leaves him vulnerable if you know where to look. But, this answer feels like a cheat because there are at least two more Black Ops books and in the third one Devin is the main character.

So, I will also say that in this book, I have two other supporting characters that I love--Bemo and Black Hat. They're a pair of street kids Eli taps when he's looking for information. These two kids are smart, sassy, defensive, good kids who deserved better than what they got in life. They remind me so much of the teenagers I work with at my day job.

Q: Tell me a secret! 

A: But it wouldn't be a secret then, would it??? Okay, I'll give you one little secret. Believe it or not, I was extremely introverted and passive when I was younger. It’s only as I’ve gotten older that I put a lot of that behind me.

Q: What’s in your main character’s pocket/bag? 

A: Eli always has a couple weapons hidden about his person in various pockets, sheaths, etc. He never goes anywhere without his link, which is a sort of a communication/computer interface device, or his Fractal, think iPad type device. He probably would have a couple energy bars or something similar. That's probably about it for what's in his pockets. His pack is another story and would be dependent on what mission he's on. For example, he carried quite a few high explosives in his pack at the opening of the book.

Q: What would you do if you were given 3 million untaxable dollars? 

A: Where do I sign up for this handout??? I would take some of it and pay off things like my student loans, my mortgage, and other debts. I would also donate some of it to charities that focus on helping kids with mental health and substance abuse issues. I would also take a chunk of it and invest it for the future. Finally, I would take a small amount and spend it on fun things like traveling or cool toys for me and my family. My son would get a bit more spoiled than he is with this last one.

Q: What are your ultimate goals as an author?  

A: I would love to see at least one of my books hit the New York Times bestseller list. I also think my Black Ops books--yes there are more to come after Tattoos--made into a TV show or something like that. Maybe it's my own delusions, but I think they'd be cool as a TV show or a Netflix miniseries or something. In the end, though, I will take it if I can make enough money from my books to do some extra fun things like travel or buy toys that I probably wouldn't otherwise spend the money on.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you've ever researched?

A: For Tattoos, I learned how to curse in Greek. I think that's the most out there thing for this book. I have done research on things like biodomes, how airlocks work, the choirs of angels and each choir's functions in heaven, and specifics to musical terminology for other things I've written. That's what I can remember at the moment. Oh, I did just remember one more thing--neurobiology, specifically a more detailed understanding of how neurons and synapses work in the brain.

Q: Do you have a preferred beverage to have on hand while writing?

A: Generally I have flavored water or maybe tea. I had a kidney stone a couple years ago and was told I have to be careful about how much caffeine I drink and that I have to drink lots of water. So, yeah, I don't get too many options.

Q: Who are some authors that you look up to?

A: Goodness, this is always such a tough question for me. I have so many authors I look up to, so I'm glad you gave me at least some wiggle room. For sure I love Anne McCaffery. Her dynasty, for lack of a better way of putting it, with her Dragonriders books is amazing. I also love how she handled her characters. J. R. R. Tolkien is also one of my favorites. I know his writing style is pretty challenging to read now because of how much the world has changed, but he is in many ways the father of modern high fantasy, which I love. Plus, you can't help but love many of the characters he created. Anne Bishop is another wonderful author. She has a sweet way of weaving some well-known concepts, such as the concept of hell, into her books, yet turns what you think you know about it on its ear.

On the indie scene, I have to admit I am impressed with Robert Cano's The Dark Archer. Again, it's the way he handled the characters, creating a realistic balance of strengths and flaws in a way that makes the readers care about that character. I also love Amanda Lynn Hester's writing. Darker Daze really packs an emotional punch that impresses me.

I could go on for days about different authors I've read and why I love what they do. They all inspire me to work harder at what I do, to learn from techniques and such I see in their work.

Q: What's your spirit animal?

A: My first smart-mouthed, impulsive answer, was to say I'm the Circus Ringleader. It's how I feel most days. But, yeah, I'd better give a better answer than that. I would say most often my spirit animals are wolves, elephants, or ravens for various reasons. It depends a little on where I am at and what's going on in my life.

Thanks for having me here! I really appreciate it!

Any time, Stacy!

Book Info:

Publication Date:  December 15
Paperback Price: 9.99
Digital Price:  3.99 2.99 pre order
Pages: 246
Ebook ISBN: 13: 9781946382481
ISBN-10: 1-946382-48-5
Print ISBN: 9781946382511
ISBN-10: 1-946382-51-5

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  • Fiction > Science Fiction > Space Opera
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