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Series: Fiann Company 2
Author: Vanessa Ross
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release: January 31

Separated from her family and clan with no hope to reunite. Evelina holds out hope the love of her life will find her. After a year of disappointment, she gives up. When her baby is stolen by the man who swore to love her, the General of encampment promises her a better life and an opportunity for revenge. She must make a choice—stay a slave of revenge or find the truth behind Kendrix’s betrayal.

Kendrix traveled Europe with his band of supernatural warriors in a never ending search for Evelina and his people. When he sends the warriors on a mission to rescue a baby of prophecy, he is unaware of the baby’s parentage. Finding a report from the original camp, he discovers the General is getting married. The woman he swore to protect is in danger. He and his band of warriors check it out but are not prepared for what they find.

Join Evelina and Fiann Company as they try to save a race of supernaturals and find love at the same time. Submerge yourself in a world of supernaturals working together to save the world.
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Other Books in the series:
CREATING WARRIORS (Fiann Company 0.5)
This is a prequel to the Fiann Company. This story focuses on the parents of Kendrix and Kai. This takes place during the first war between the humans and the supernaturals.

He is a human soldier fighting for his life. She is a farmer’s daughter pretending to be a man so she can fight. As death is ready to claim them both they are chosen for a destiny that may Will kill them in the eyes of their family.

This series focuses on the three goddesses’ theme of mythology. However, the goddesses are from different pantheons; Celtic, Egyptian, and Native American. Morrigan from Celtic Pantheon, Qetesh from the Egyptian pantheon and Hanwi from the Native American pantheon.

Morrigan leads the Fiann Warriors, an ancient band of traveling warriors. the warriors must fight to live and live to fight.


EAGLE’S KEEPER (Fiann Company 1)
Iolair was attacked and violated by an unknown person. She is left for dead and wishes she was. After a privileged life of; parties, dresses, and money. She awakes knowing life will never be the same. Being told she is the first created supernatural in hundreds of years was one thing, finding out her family has pledged their life to enslave all supernaturals is another. When the underworld of Scotland is shown she must rise against it or become a victim, again.

Kai and his twin brother Kendrix are one of thousands of supernaturals that were round up and put in encampments around the world. The brothers meet with other supernaturals to begin a traveling band of warriors. Their first mission is to look into the brutal beatings and murders on college females. Everything is fine until one survives and turns the supernatural world on its head.

She is broken and traumatized by dreams. He is a warrior and wants to save her. Little does he know she will save herself.


About the AUTHOR:

Vanessa Ross is a jack of all trades. She is an educator, counselor, service dog trainer, writer, mother, and wife. Her passion is assisting others that have fallen on hard times. She comes from a military family and loves her country. She started out as an avid reader because she was told she wouldn’t succeed as a reader due to her learning disabilities. Vanessa refuses to let her disabilities stop her and read 550 books the first year. Then she was told she couldn't write because she has dysgraphia, she had a new goal. She has published multiple books, in the paranormal romance and mythology genre. What is her next project you may ask, helping others achieve their dream. Through this journey Vanessa has met so many people that just need some help. She has started a non-profit publishing house, A Valkyrie’s Muse that focuses on assisting new and veteran authors navigate the world of self-publishing. She is currently running free writing workshops in Texas, for those that have been abused or have disabilities. Opening locations in other cities is currently in the works. To fund this altruistic venture, she gives 10% of her proceeds to the charity.

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