Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Under the Bleachers

First off, if you've read Up in the Treehouse, you should definitely read this one! If you haven't, still read it! It stands on it's own two feet just fine. I was blessed with an advanced copy, so I'll let you know my thoughts a bit early.

K.k. Allen's way of writing is different from any other. Even the apparent villains in her books have a reason for being the way they are (though not all are revealed to the reader) She has the ability to show the story from every angle, so that you can truly understand, and relate to each character.

I loved Monica in Treehouse, and I was thrilled to learn that she was getting some star treatment!  She's a fun loving chicky, with so much to offer, and not a clue what she really wants from her life. This story follows her, past and present, as she stumbles, and is caught by Zack, a star quarterback.

Monica has some deep trust issues, so she scrambles away, every time she gains her footing, only to stumble again.  She struggles to keep herself from getting hurt, and is less than successful, until she can learn to trust someone besides herself.

These characters are deeply human, and they act and react from the heart. You will laugh with them, you'll cry with them, and you'll find yourself with a strong craving for chocolate cake.

Under the Bleachers is live today! You can get it on Amazon

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  1. Amazon had a bit of a glitchy day, so my link got muddled, but it's fixed now!